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Blue Mountain Academy
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Street Address: 
2363 Mountain Rd
Hamburg PA 19526-8745
Mail:  2363 Mountain Rd
Hamburg PA 19526-8745
Principal Burney Leon Culpepper Jr.
Asst/Assoc:  Kerene Anglin-Ogot (Vice Principal)
Nadia Trossero (Vice Principal)
Phone:  484-662-7000
Fax:  484-662-7001
Website:  http://www.bma.us
Maps:  Google  (Español)  (Português)  (Français)  (Lat/Lon)  -  Bing
Lat/Lon:  Latitude: 40.555476, Longitude: -76.035865 , Source: Address
Hours: Office Hours: 6:30am to 6:00pm
Sunset:  5:53 PM   TimeZone: UTC-5
Conference:  Pennsylvania Conference (website)
Union:  Columbia Union Conference (website)
Division:  North American Division (website)
Type:  Complete Secondary School (ESC)
Updated:  Friday, August 19, 2022
Source:  YB
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