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Penang Adventist Hospital Church
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Penang Adventist Hospital Church ( Formerly known as Hospital Ministry ) was formed by a group of Doctors,Nurses and Church Members from Penang Seventh-Day Adventist English Church in 9th November,1990. Lead by Dr.Chew Yu Gee, Dr.Lee Yew Hoong,Dr.Pang Chu Yen, Mr. Maccure Sintai, Mr. Samson Baji, Mr. Beldon Goodenough, Ms Nellie Karuk, Ms.Sudin Dingun, Ms Ernest Jipem, Ms Bernedatte , Mr. Joseph Empawi and the group of all the Young Adventist.The Hospital Ministry Group was very active where every Sabbath after the Sabbath School , the Group will travel from English Church ( Main Church ) to Penang Adventist Hospital Pharmacy Lobby to sing, worship and to have fellowship lunch together. The Hospital finally granted for the group to use the Hospital's Lecture Hall for the service. During the service, the Young Adventist Group will go to the Hospital Ward and invite the Patients to the service.The Group will also sing for the patients in the afternoon. It is called " Sunshine Band" During the Hospital Ministry Camp in January 17-19,1992 at Stella Marris, Tanjong Tokong,A Baptism Ceremony was held where Mr. Gerald Balachandar was Baptized by Pastor James Wah at the beach.Pastor Jonathan Cheong was the first Pastor to lead the Group followed by Pastor Dennis Ng, Pastor, Cornelius Chu, Pastor Lee Choke Woh. During Pastor Lee Choke Woh, The Hospital Ministry was given the Church Status by the Peninsular Malaysia Mission on 9th July, 1996 and it is officially called " Penang Adventist Hospital Church" The church mission is to give spiritual care for the Patients of the Hospital and it has been going on till now. Among the Pastors who lead the Church are as follows : Pastor Jonathan Cheong, Pastor Dennis Ng, Pastor Cornelius Chu, Pastor Lee Choke Woh, Pastor Matthew Bandan Mambu, Pastor Ginduk Laung, Pastor Gerard Bernard Sepati, Pastor Francis Amer, Pastor Lawrence Randig and now the Current Pastor , Pastor Frendy Rubil

465 Burmah Road
Penang, 10350
Email:  (Pastor Frendy Rubil )
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Lat/Lon:  Latitude: 5.432713, Longitude: 100.306476 , Source: Address
Services: Saturday: 10.00 am Sabbath School, 11.30 am Worship
Language:  English , Chinese
Conference:  Peninsular Malaysia Mission (website)
Union:  Southeast Asia Union Mission (website)
Division:  Southern Asia-Pacific Division (website)
Type:  Church (CCH)
Updated:  Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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