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Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church
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This is a recently created website. Our previous website, www.injesusname.1hwy.com, was more than 8 years running. Frequent upgrades and additions are customary.

10th Street
Canefield, St. Paul 00000
Mail:  P.O. Box 111
Great George Street
Roseau 00000
Members 110
Phone:  767 449 2375
Email:  (Electronic Media Coordinator)
Website:  http://bethelsda.interamerica.org
Maps:  Google  (Español)  (Português)  (Français)  (Lat/Lon)  -  Bing
Directions:  All streets in Canefield are numbered. From the Canefield airport, follow the numbering to the first building on 10th Street.
Lat/Lon:  Latitude: 15.335377, Longitude: -61.389542 , Source: User Entry
Services: Saturday: 9:15am Sabbath School and Worship
Sunday: 7:15pm Evangelical Service
Wednesday: 7:15pm Prayer Service
Language:  English , French Creole
Conference:  East Caribbean Conference (website)
Union:  Caribbean Union Conference (website)
Division:  Inter-American Division (website)
Type:  Church (CCH)
Updated:  Wednesday, January 9, 2013
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